Dental Implants

The skilled and friendly team at McDonald Family Dentistry really puts the pro in dental prosthetic. Dental prosthetics (or dental implants) are nothing to joke around with, however. These procedures are important, as they are the frames and braces buttressing sound oral structure.

The prospect of dental implants terrifies many patients. This fear is something that dissuades many patients from getting the work done, which can lead to significant discomfort and oral health problems in the future. Fortunately, the team at McDonald Family Dentistry works as hard to assuage your concerns and manage your pain as they do installing the implants.

There are many variables that affect the success of dental implants. The prior gum, tooth, and bone health of the patient is as important as the skill of the dental surgeon. That said, the experienced and knowledgeable team working under Dr. Douglas McDonald has seen all kinds of levels of atrophy and decay, and will carefully examine your particular situation with unmatched thoroughness.

Regardless of what your situation entails and how much work needs to be done, rest assured that Dr. McDonald and his experienced and skilled team are ready to help you along the path toward dental restoration. Dental implants no longer need to be a service feared and delayed—schedule your appointment with McDonald Family Dentistry today!