Teeth Whitening

Unfortunately, many of the most enjoyable things in life yield some pretty nasty side effects. Sure, you may relish pastrami on rye every day for lunch, but we all know how that luscious lunchmeat can quickly turn into a midriff muffin-top.

From junk food to alcohol to video games, many of our most cherished indulgences can (and likely will) show themselves in some less than indulgent ways.

Teeth are some of the most infamous and visible bearers of this burden. As delightful as a cup of tea or coffee can be (especially with a cigarette or cigar!), the teeth will likely exact the price to be paid. We’ve all seen the unsightly stains present on so many teeth—we may even have some discolored teeth ourselves.

Stained, yellowed teeth can be a deal breaker for romance, jobs, and other important social endeavors. They can diminish confidence, sometimes to the point where a simple smile begets painful self-awareness. While some people don’t overly indulge in coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco, they may still suffer yellowing teeth as a result of aging or nefarious medication.

Fortunately, the sympathetic and talented team at McDonald Family Dentistry is ready to help. Their state-of-the-art procedures for whitening your teeth will restore lost confidence by safely and quickly freshening up your smile. The painless, non-invasive procedures usually only require a handful of treatments, restoring your natural luster in a matter of weeks (or even days).

Schedule your teeth whitening appointment today with Dr. Douglas McDonald, and turn those yolky yellows back into pearly whites!